Helpful Hints

Decorate with Your Bamboo Salad Bowl

Use your SM Bowls® bamboo salad bowl to add just the right accent to any room in your home! Natural bamboo is a beautiful material that coordinates with any decor. The suggestions below will help you add color and style to your living room, bLHP013-Image5edroom, bathroom or any other space in your house. Your imagination is the only limit to the ways in which you can include bamboo in your decor!

  • A collection of dried flowers or waxed fruit will look even better in your bamboo salad bowl on a sofa table, piano or credenza. The splash of color inside the bowl will enhance the beauty of the bamboo in any room in your home.
  • During the holiday season, use your bamboo bowl to display a festive collection of ornaments or other decorations.
  • Use your bamboo bowl in a guest bathroom to hold washcloths, soaps, bottles of lotion and other bath essentials. Your guests will be delighted not only with the selection but with the beautiful display as well!
  • Use your bamboo bowl to display items at special events, such as favor bags at a party or individually wrapped place settings at a picnic.

Bamboo is a beautiful, durable and versatile material. Get creative and use your bamboo salad bowl for more than just serving food! You’ll enjoy having it on display rather than hidden in a cabinet. Remember to clean your bowl before using it to serve food. Wash in warm, soapy water, rinse thoroughly, then dry with a clean, soft towel. Allow to air-dry completely before placing anything in the bowl or storing it in a cabinet.